Transneft Siberia has executed the "Uvat" digital substation which includes PROFOTECH transformers

6 December 2018

Transneft has finished the construction of the digital substation in Tyumen Region. The substation will provide electrical power supply for the main oil pipeline system's infrastructure.

"Uvat" digital substation became the largest project which Profotech has participated in. We supplied the digital equipment, installed and commissioned it. Optical instrument transformers for current and voltage have several unmatched advantages compared to the traditional transformers, including a wide dynamic range of measurement, high accuracy of measurement at transient processes and lack of saturation during short circuit.

"Digital instrument current and voltage transformers, produced by Profotech, used at the digital substation "Uvat" will improve electric equipment's protection and the quality of electric power metering. Optical transformers are the source of primary digital measurements which opens the way to the productive work of digital substations", – says Oleg Rudakov, CEO of Profotech.