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Profotech installed its own-produced equipment on BrAZ aluminium smelter


On November, 2014 specialists of Profotech installed flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers (FEFOCT) on JSC “Bratsk aluminium smelter” (BrAZ) to measure direct current in aluminium pot rooms, transfer and save data in a database of the smelter.

The purpose of installation is to perform tasks of industrial metering and industrial control system management.

FEFOCT guarantees stability of metrological characteristics during the whole recalibration cycle in a very dusty environment containing carbon particles with measured current pulsation up to 15% at frequency of 600 Hz. FEFOCT power supply is tolerant to voltage fall, short-circuit and electromagnetic fields.

Due to FEFOCT construction, it’s possible to install and uninstall sensitive element from the conductive bus bar without bus bar dismantling, moreover, there is no need to calibrate equipment on the site during start-up and adjustment operations. Flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers guarantees long-term stability of measurements, they are put on the State Register of Measuring Instruments

Characteristics of the installed equipment:

Measurement range, kA

0 -240

Operating temperature range of measurement unit

-30 - +40 С

Operating temperature range of sensitive element

-40 - +40 С

Power supply parameters

220V, 50Hz

Number of outputs proportional to measured current


Background information: JSC “Bratsk aluminium smelter” (BrAZ) is the largest aluminium producing facility not only in Russia but also in the world. It produces 30% of aluminium in Russia and near 4% of aluminium in the world. The plant is located on the skirts of Bratsk city, 60 km away form Bratsk hydroelectric station. The smelter was commissioned in 1966, now it is a subsidiary company of JSC “RusAL”.


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