PROFOTECH demonstrated its developments at "Electrical Networks of Russia-2014"

8 December 2014

More than 400 companies including companies from Germany, Canada, China, Italy and India demonstrated their developments and technical solutions at Electrical Networks of Russia-2014 Exhibition that was held in Moscow on 2-5 of December. The exhibition brought together the leading experts in the industry as well as the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and instruments for electrical grid complex, power supply networks, construction, installation and design enterprises.

Profotech presented working models of optical current and voltage transducers for 100 and 220 kV with digital outputs in compliance with IEC 61850-9-2LE standard. On its booth the company demonstrated compatability of optical current and voltage transducers with modern electric power metering systems, instrument systems and relay protection and automation systems produced by Posoft-Systems, LLC, EKRA Science and Production LLC, Bresler R&D Center and MRZ, CJSC.

Instrument transducers by Profotech guarantee highly accurate measurements at a totally new level, as well as ensure to reduce operating costs, increase safety of the facility, to make installation easier and to cut its cost, and to increase quality of facility monitoring.

The visitors paid special attention to a unique electronic current transducer with flexible sensitive element that is used to install on the buses of generators in power stations. This development of Profotech is used in power generation to increase measurement accuracy during power generation due to considerable improvements of metrological characteristics.

In addition, one of the most advanced developments of Profotech was demonstrated on the booth of the company, i.e. combined optoelectronic current and voltage transducer that is made as a single column configuration. The key feature of this product is galvanic separation between high-voltage column and the base unit, that became possible because instrument module uses optical emission as a power supply. Accuracy of current measurement corresponds 0.2S accuracy level, voltage accuracy comes to 0.2. Output data of combined optoelectronic current and voltage transducer is transmitted in compliance with IEC 61850 standard. This development is an attractive technical solution for power metering systems as it combines current and voltage transducers in a single column, therefore reducing the cost of measuring system and making its installation and maintenance much easier.