PROFOTECH attended “Generation, power grids and sale of electric energy: development path”

11 December 2014

Specialists of “Profotech” attended “Generation, power grids and sale of electric energy: development path” XI Professional Energy Forum that was held on 10 of December in Moscow International multi-media “Russia Today” press-center.

Professional Energy Forum traditionally represents a discussion platform to address the issues related to the development of Russian fuel and energy complex.

Target audience of the forum includes companies of fuel and energy complex, market regulators, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, engineering companies and equipment producers, investors and industrial enterprises.

The participants of the forum discussed a lot of key issues and urgent problems such as: problems and perspectives of IT development of Russian fuel and energy complex under unstable economic situation; main problems and trends of development of Russian electrical energy industry till 2035; fuel and energy complex modernization; development of energy industry of Crimea region; new demands of changeable market.

On the conference named “Information technologies and measurements in energy industry. Smart systems” a business development managing director of CJSC “Profotech” L.B. Alexandrov gave a report on “Innovation in electrical networks digitalization”.

The report described one of the most important problems in the existing electrical networks. High-voltage instrument current and voltage transducers are the key element of electrical networks, they determine quality and high accuracy of information about electrical power parameters. They produce most of measurement data on which electricity metering and power grids management are based on. All of the instrument transformers that are nowdays used are developed on the base of electromagnetic induction, therefore they have a lot of defects which can’t be corrected due to technical reasons.

Fiber-optical instrument transducers produced by CJSC “Profotech” don’t have defects that are typical for conventional instrument transducers. In addition, they produce data according to IEC 61850-9-2LE digital standard being a key part of smart grids.