PROFOTECH and Maxwell Technologies SA gave an International Presentation of their New Joint Product - Combined Optic-Electronic Current and Voltage Transformers

23 November 2016

"Profotech" and Maxwell Technologies SA (Maxwell) gave a "live" presentation of their new joint product - combined optic-electronic current and voltage transformers (123 kV) at the 16th International Exhibition and Conference on Electric Power Equipment and Technology, EP China/Electrical China 2016, held in Beijing. Representatives of design, electric power, generation and engineering companies from China, India and Europe were invited to attend and discuss the product and solutions based on it. 

Combined optic-electronic current and voltage transformers are a unique technology with no equivalent worldwide. They combine all the advantages of two electronic transformers in one. Their reduced size and weight compared to conventional electromagnetic transformers means that combined transformers can be installed even  in small substations where there is limited space.

This product is key in building smart networks, digital substations and serves as a single data source for all secondary smart devices.

The product is the result of joint development work undertaken by engineers and scientists from both "Profotech" and Maxwell. Currently, the companies produce transformers able to handle 123 kV, but are planning to release higher voltage versions in the future. 

Maxwell will promote the new product on the international market.