PROFOTECH and United Energy Company are building the base for the Smart Grid

14 March 2017

JSC “Profotech” has commenced a major project for providing “United Energy Company” (JSC “UNECO”) with the latest systems of automated protection systems. This solution leads the path towards creation of Digital substations and brings to life ‘Smart Grid’ concept of building intellectual power systems. 

From the very beginning, this city-wide collaborative project will help in achieving significant economic effect across the city of Moscow. 

Our solution is based on Profotech’s innovative fiber-optic current transformers and digital relay protection terminals by Relematika. Implementation of this system enables creating accurate and reliable relay protection and first response system at the joints of overhead line and high-voltage underground cable. Considering the growing density of urbanization and topology of existing power grid, this method will find application in almost every city of Russian Federation.

Unique advantage of this assembly is the open flexible loop of the special fiber optic cable that will be installed around the cable joint to constitute the measuring unit. This design eliminates the need for disconnecting existing cable-line joints so our equipment can be installed without any interference to available HV switching circuits. Fiber Optic Cable loop is a low-weight element that adds minor additional mechanical load on the supports of the cable joints and will not require any additional supporting hardware. It provides noticeable economic effect at commissioning stage in comparison with installation of conventional electro-magnetic transformers. 

We highly appreciate the fact that engineers of JSC “UNECO” are working at the edge of modern technology. Pleasant to see, how this Moscow-based Company not only maintains its leadership in technology but also helps Russian capital in staying on the same level with the leading cities in the world. 

Connection diagram of the proposed solution based on innovative flexible Electronic fiber-optical current transformer (F-EFOCT) with digital output produced by Profotech and TOR-300 relay protection and automation digital device, created by Relematika.