Together, PROFOTECH and CONDIS by Maxwell Technologies performed with Swiss precision

12 October 2017

"Profotech" and Maxwell Technologies are proud to announce their first in the world installation and commissioning of the combined Current and Voltage digital transformer at Villarepos substation (Switzerland). This innovative solution was the joint development of Swiss and Russian engineers.  This milestone is yet another step of JSC "Profotech" towards international recognition of their products.

This electronic optical instrument transformer for simultaneous measurements of current and voltage is unique product. It comprises technological advantages of both transformers within a single device. As opposed to the traditional inductive transformers, its reduced dimensions and weight enable installation of the combined non-conventional instrument transformer at compact substations where space is limited.

Installed 3-phase set of equipment consist of three measuring columns and two electronic processing units that are interconnected with a special optic fiber. The goal of this project is to demonstrate technical capabilities of the modern digital instruments. Digital data stream is directed into the counter and fault recorder provided by JSC Prosoft (Russia). During the trial period our equipment will work in parallel with the previously installed analogous CTs and VTs.

Installation of the combined solution reduces the basement footprint at the switchyard, simplifies construction works and cuts maintenance costs (considering that our high-voltage part is maintenance-free). An important feature of this installation is the increased safety for service personnel during planned works on secondary circuits. Substation crews have noted that light weight and reduced dimensions have allowed Swiss power engineers to perform this modernization without additional concrete and basement works.

Thanks to support of DSO Groupe E, CONDIS by Maxwell Technologies and "Profotech" obtained perfect stage to demonstrate benefits of transition to digital NCITs and smart grids that become an important part of future digital economy.

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