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Profotech joined RNC CIGRE

On August Profotech joined Russian National Committee (RNC) of CIGRE (Russian: ). The Council on Large Electric Systems (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques CIGRE) was founded in 1921, it is the largest international non-government and non-profit association in electric power industry that unites scientists and energy experts from all over the world. CIGRE exerts a significant impact on the strategy of industry development in many countries.


Profotech and LISIS will demonstrate their cooperative total solution on the international exhibition and forum CIGRE-2014 in Paris

The solution proposed by Profotech and LISIS is designed for substation automation by “digitalized substation” technology.

The foundation of the solution proposed by both companies is the change of architecture of substation protection and control systems based on digital data processing. Protocol 61850 described in the Digitalized Substation technology, allows to get a unified data flow that provides information about condition of the operated facility (i.e. substation), thus it becomes possible to shift to a software platform that is installed on the universal hardware devices and has a free functions allocation.


Profotech signed a cooperation agreement with LISIS

At the end of July, general manager of CJSC Profotech O.V. Rudakov and general manager of LLC LISIS D.V. Kishinevskiy signed an agreement of intent to cooperate in development and following implementation of solutions for digitalized substations and active-adaptive power grids (smart grids).


Profotech signed an own-produced equipment delivery contract with Bratsk aluminium smelter

JSC “Bratsk aluminium smelter” (BrAZ) is the largest aluminium producing facility not only in Russia but also in the world. It produces 30% of aluminium in Russia and near 4% of aluminium in the world. The plant is located on the skirts of Bratsk city, 60 km away from Bratsk hydroelectric station. The smelter was commissioned in 1966, now it is a subsidiary company of JSC RusAL.

Flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers (FEFOCT) produced by CJSC Profotech will be installed on BrAZ to measure direct current in aluminium pot rooms, transfer and save data in a database of the plant.


Profotech signed an own-produced equipment delivery contract with Irkutsk aluminium smelter

Irkutsk aluminium smelter (IrkAZ) is located in Shelikhov city of Irkutsk Region, it’s one of the largest and oldest aluminium smelters in East Siberia and Russian Federation and a subsidiary company of JSC “RusAL”

As a part of energy efficiency improvement program, flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers (FEFOCT) with the parameters given below will be installed on IrkAZ to measure direct current in aluminium pot rooms, transfer and save data.


Profotech Company took part in CleanTechRussia 2014

The Cleantech Open is an American non-profit organization that supports start-up projects. The purpose of Cleantech Open is to establish global cooperation, which helps innovative projects attract investments, customers and partners, license their technology, get help of mentors from all over the world, provide integrated support for business planning and development of business projects, and much more. More than 2000 professionals of CleanTech Open are always ready to support the participants of the projects accelerator.

Profotech Company received Moscow Innovation Passport from the Innovation Development Centre of Moscow

On June 3, 2014, Profotech Company won the competition of projects held by CleanTech Open in Moscow and received Moscow Innovation Passport No. 051 (MIPassport) from the Innovation Development Centre of Moscow. The awarding took place at the territory of Startup Village 2014 in Skolkovo.

Profotech signs a contract to sell electronic fibre optic current transformers to RUSAL Krasnoyarsk

In 2014 RUSAL Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter will install 4 flexible electronic fibre optic current transformers for measuring the current in the potlines, transmitting and storing the data. RUSAL Krasnoyarsk is the second largest aluminium smelter in the world. Profotech has already supplied this equipment to this company before. On May 1, 2012 Profotech’s flexible fibre optic current transformers were introduced as the main direct current gauges in potlines.


Profotech participates in a conference on metrology, measurements and assessment of the quality of electric power

Profotech has participated in the 7th R&D conference on metrology, measurements and the metering and assessment of the quality of electric power that was held from May 13 through May 17 2014 in Saint Petersburg.

The conference was traditionally organized by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, the Russian Metrological Academy, FGUP Dmitry Mendeleev VNIIM and NPP Mars-Energo.


Specialists of Profotech company participated in SMART GRIDTEC 2014 exhibition

Specialists of “Profotech” company participated in the 4th China International Smart Grid Technology and Equipment Exhibition (SMART GRIDTEC 2014) that took place in Shanghai, China, on April 08-10.

Profotech installs owned production equipment at Nizhny Novgorod HPP

In September 2014 “Profotech” will install electronic fiber-optical current transformers at Nizhny Novgorod HPP within the frames of investment program of RusHydro OJSC concerning R&D mix for 2012-2017.

The project has been realized by Profotech CJSC jointly with EnergyindustryAutomatization LLC and EKRA RPE LLC.

Nizhny Novgorod HPP, situated in Gorodetskij district, put online on November 2, 1955, represents a part of Volzhski cascade of hydroelectric power plants.


Happy New Year!

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Profotech Company took part in "AUTOMATION OF PRODUCTION - 2013"

Profotech Company took part in "AUTOMATION OF PRODUCTION - 2013" Fourth Interindustrial Conference, which was held on November 26, 2013 in Moscow.

PROFOTECH will take part in 16th Exhibition of "Electrical Network of Russia"

Profotech Company respectfully invites to our booth A-251 on specialized exhibition “Electrical Networks of Russia 2013” (www.expoelectroseti.ru). This exhibition will be conducted in Moscow’s International Exhibition Center MOSEXPO (pavilion # 75), during the period from 03 to 06 December, 2013.

Profotech will conduct a webinar titled "Fiber-Optic Current Transformers as a basis of the Smart Grid"

On September 27th, 2013, at 2:00 PM (Indian Standard Time), Profotech speaker Alexey Anoshin will conduct a webinar titled "Fiber-Optic Current Transformer as a basis of the Smart Grid". The webinar will be conducted on the Indian Smart Grid Forum website, in support of the India Smart Grid Task Force that was established by the Ministry Power Energy of India.
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