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RUSAL OJSC – Bratskiy Aluminum Smelter (BrAZ)

On November, 2014 specialists of Profotech installed flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers (FEFOCT) on JSC “Bratsk aluminium smelter” (BrAZ) to measure direct current in aluminium pot rooms, transfer and save data in a database of the smelter.

The purpose of installation is to perform tasks of industrial metering and industrial control system management.

FEFOCT guarantees stability of metrological characteristics during the whole recalibration cycle in a very dusty environment containing carbon particles with measured current pulsation up to 15% at frequency of 600 Hz. FEFOCT power supply is tolerant to voltage fall, short-circuit and electromagnetic fields.

Due to FEFOCT construction, it’s possible to install and uninstall sensitive element from the conductive bus bar without bus bar dismantling, moreover, there is no need to calibrate equipment on the site during start-up and adjustment operations. Flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers guarantees long-term stability of measurements, they are put on the State Register of Measuring Instruments.

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RusHydro OJSC Nizhegorodskaya HPP

In September 2014 Profotech installed electronic fiber-optical current transformers at Nizhegorodskaya HPP within the frames of investment program of RusHydro OJSC concerning R&D mix for 2012-2017.

EFOCTs installed from the side of high voltage of the unit transformer, as well as from the side of zero and main terminal of hydro-generator in series with customary current transformers.

There also installed 2 set of flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers (FEFOCT) at generated voltage of 13.8 kV, 3-phase execution.

The purpose of equipment installation is increasing the reliability and safety of current and voltage transformers operation at RusHydro OJSC projects.

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RUSAL OJSC Irkytskiy Aluminum Smelter (IrkAZ)

On September 11th, 2013 PROFOTECH installed Flexible electronic fiber-optical current transformers(FEFOCT) at the Irkutsk Aluminum Smelter facility.

FEFOCT is used as a main measuring device of DC on aluminum electrolysis series at IrkAZ. The key advantages of FEFOCT for DC are wide dynamic range of measured current and temperature range of the sensing element (- 60 + 60 °C), with the possibility to measure both direct and alternative currents, with much smaller weights and dimensions. Also, the possibility to apply any geometrics of fiber-optic loop (sensing element) that provide the capability not to require precise positioning regarding the current-conducting wire.

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Grid Company, Kazan

On 14 June 2013 Profotech Company installed three-phase complete set of fiber-optic current and voltage transformers at Substation 220/110 kV Magistralnaya of Kazan electric mains.

The installed complex was integrated into data measuring system Pyramid, which allows carrying out remote control of the energy consumption mode in digital format based on the acquired data.

Creation of a digital electrical power audit system using fiber-optic current and voltage transformers and measuring devices of the new generation is a part of the innovation project Regional intellectual electrical network at JSC Electric Distribution Company, which is realized within special program Energy saving and increase of energy efficiency in Tatarstan Republic in 2011-2015 and in perspective until 2020.




Advanced Russian engineering research and development center

On December 20, 2012, Profotech company installed a three-phase set of fiber-optic current- and voltage transformers at the test site of Research & Development Center for Power Engineering of the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System JSC (Moscow), R&DC FGC UESfor the purpose of conducting a series of compatibility tests with various elements of the test site Digital Substation. The compatibility tests confirmed that the performance and all elements tested, were successful. These test included measurements of quantity and quality of the electricity.
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On November 24, 2012 Profotech CJSC, in compliance with terms of the investment program of Mosenergo OJSC, completed installation the optic current measuring sensors with an open loop at the generators outputs at TPP-11. The purpose for installing the sensors was to improve the involvement of the accuracy of measurement during generation of electrical power. And it was shown that the instruments were functioning normal.

RUSAL OJSC Krasnoyarski Aluminum Smelter (KrAZ)

In the year 2011, Profotech company installed the fiber-optic current sensors at the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter for measuring the direct current of pot room series, as well as for data transmission and storage in the plant database.

The FOCSes made by Profotech have been in experimental operation since the December 26, 2011. The sensing sensor is resistant to any voltage depressions and short circuits. It functions in accordance with the conditions of strong electromagnetic fields and increased dustiness. The FOCSs have been implemented as the basic system of current measurement of the pot room series since May 1, 2012.

Federal Grid Company of Unifield Energy System

Profotech company is preparing for implementation FOCT and FOVT for 220kV substation Prizeiskaya which is part of a large energy cluster that is situated within the territory of Elginsky (the coalfield in the Sakha Republic) and is intended for the electrical power supply for the coal mining complex of Yakutugol Holding Company JSC .

A key feature of the cluster Elgaugol will be the full and complete application of IEC61850-9-2 standard that makes it possible to make the transition to the Smart Grid. All the implemented object management systems are digital.

The creation of the Smart Grid for the cluster Elgaugol will make it possible to test the new technologies and technical solutions as well to identify possible problems and evaluate the technical and economic indices of the implemented innovative solutions compared with conventional ones.

This is a pilot project and has no analogous in Russia.