About us

Joint Stock Company Profotech was established in December 2010 by JSC Rusnano and Onexim Group. Since that time our Company has progressed a lot: from building the project team and creating the first industrial samples (2010), beginning of industrial samples manufacturing (2011) and commencement of pilot installations (2012) - up to the series production of the equipment (2014 and up to now).

Profotech is the only Company in Russia that has its own ‘know-how’ both for production of the final equipment and for creating its own magnetic-sensitive optical fiber. Thus, we own the key technology for our manufacturing process. This special optical fiber was developed by employees of academic Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics who have later joined our Profotech team.

Profotech team sees our mission in development and promotion (both in Russia and worldwide) of digital innovative technologies for measurement, as well as in creating technological basis for smart grids.

Goals of Profotech:

  • To provide tools for digital innovative measurements of current and voltage, building smart grids and digital substations
  • To win leading position in the market of intelligent solutions for electric power industry
  • To accelerate growth of demand for innovative products of our Company both in Russia and abroad

Profotech’s product line consist of unique fiber-optical instrument transformers for measuring current and voltage. It is the modern alternative to traditional electromagnetic transformers. Moreover, it provides possibility to perform step-by-step transition to the Digital substations.

Profotech products creates digital informational basis for assembling Smart grids: it serves as the single source of data for power meters, control and protection devices on every Digital substation, in full compliance with IEC 61850 standard.

Field of application of Profotech equipment embraces electric power objects including electrical grids, power generation sites and power-demanding manufacturers.

Profotech’s technology allows to drastically increase measurement accuracy and enables transition to the new level of the measurements that uses 100% digital signal processing. Introduction of optical technologies into the field of relay protection and automation ensures the fastest and most accurate operation of these systems. All products of our company are GOST-certified and registered in Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandard). Our equipment has passed numerous pilot tests at electric power substations and power-consuming plants.

Profotech team consist of high-level professionals including engineers and scientists. Our employees constantly increase their qualification, take part in trainings and actively promote Smart grid technologies, both in Russia and overseas. Our crew members also participate in the work of international standard committees and make reports at the conferences.

Profotech’s office and manufacturing line are both situated in Moscow, at the territory of hi-tech development hub – Technopolis Moscow.