PROFOTECH products are proven to be compatible with SEL protection terminals

6 August 2018

On July 31st – August 2nd qualification research in consultation with the Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) representatives took place at the PROFOTECH test center.

Electronic fiber optical current transformer (EFOCT), Electronic capacitor voltage transformer (EVT), Combined non-conventional instrument transformer (CNCIT) produced by PROFOTECH/Maxwell and digital protection terminal SEL-421 by SEL were chosen as test objects.

The purpose of testing was the following:

·        testing of informational and functional compatibility between EFOCT, EVT, CNCIT and the Electronic protection terminal SEL-421, using protocol IEC 61850-9-2LE;

·        definition of the operational limits, precision and special features of the equipment under different modes of operation of the electrical grid.

The test results showed that the devices of PROFOTECH/Maxwell production are compatible with the SEL electronic protection terminals and can be recommended for joint usage in power grid projects.

This helps to develop the cooperation with foreign power generation companies and once more proves the promising outlook of PROFOTECH products promotion to the international market.