Results of the 47th CIGRE Session

3 September 2018

The 47th CIGRE Session demonstrated a high level of our country's scientific development. Russia was represented by 150 experts, and 36 reports were included in the scientific part of the Session, which is a record number in 95 years of cooperation with CIGRE.

PROFOTECH also has a reason to be proud – we have signed an agreement for cooperative projects implementation in the field of digital electrical energy with the Portuguese corporation EFACEC. Advanced technologies and integrated solutions of both companies will be used in Russian Federation and worldwide. Combined experience and skills are believed to produce a synergetic effect in the near future.

"I consider the development of science-based export as one of the most important goals of Russian participation in the work of CIGRE", – said Andrey Murov, chairman of the Federal Grid Company. PROFOTECH became one of the companies which achieved this goal. A. Murov visited our booth, pointed out the importance of our technology for the consumers, and confirmed their willingness to continue the partnership. He also wished PROFOTECH further success in our international activity.

"The exhibition turned out to be very eventful, we noticed a lot of interesting trends. Obviously we have paid a lot of attention to the application area (digital instrumentations), but we also looked into other fields. There was a lot of positive energy, and the motivation gained from the participation is major" – Oleg Rudakov, CEO of PROFOTECH, shared his impressions.

The results of the exhibition confirmed international potential and interest in our products. Now it is necessary to keep up the hard work in this area. The Session also showed that our technical development level corresponds with that of the world leaders', which is why our booth attracted lots of visitors. We have engaged in negotiations over cooperation with various companies, such as EDF (France), SEL (USA), Terna (Italy), Siemens (Germany), EFACEC (Portugal), Maxwell (Switzerland).

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