Profotech and Nano Imports General Trading have concluded a distribution agreement

26 August 2019

Under the terms of this agreement it is planned to promote Profotech products and to create integrated solutions according to the Digital Substation technology for the consumers of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The agreement between the companies is signed for three years with an option to renew it. The parties are planning to certify Profotech's products for Middle Eastern countries. They are also planning to implement pilot projects, arrange engineering of digital solutions and organize a maintenance service center.

Creation of digital substations is the main and the most high-potential trend in modern electrical energy industry. Profotech products – optical current and voltage transformers – are the source of primary digital measurements, which opens the way for digitalization in energetics, and is the key to building digital substations.

As of today, Profotech is the world's only fully integrated manufacturer on the market of digital measurement devices. The company owns the technology of creating unique magnetosensitive optical fiber, carries out development, production and service maintenance of electronic current and voltage transformers.

Innovative solutions suggested by Profotech are applied at power supply objects in Russian Federation and Switzerland, used as reference during tests of classic transformers in KEMA Laboratories (Netherlands).

Optical transformers are the new generation of instrument devices, created on the basis of photonics technologies, which is steadily taking place of traditional electromagnetic instrument transformers. Interest for such equipment is conditioned by high precision and extended range of measurements, stable work in wide temperature range, and decrease of maintenance expenses.

Results of operation show superiority of digital instrument transformers over traditional ones due to the lack of magnetic saturation, steady work under short circuit currents, and increased fire safety.

Profotech is successfully expanding the geography of its international partners, who are recently showing strong interest in the digital technologies for the power sector.