Profotech and Elektrozavod (ERSO) have agreed on scientific and technological cooperation

14 December 2021

Profotech JSC and Elektrozavod JSC expect a long-term mutually beneficial partnership in the field of mastering and application of state-of-the-art innovative technologies and technical equipment.

The following aspects will be prioritized for the strategic partnership:

  • execution of complex projects on building and reconstruction of power facilities;

  • service maintenance of Profotech's and Elektrozavod's products, as well as adaptation of foreign electrotechnical equipment;

  • development and testing of new products based on joint R&D;

  • development of complex technical solutions for the facilities of the fuel and energy complex (FEC), their standardization and unification;

  • carrying out specific studies for the development of IT systems applied at FEC sites;

  • education of specialists, exchange of accumulated experience and knowledge.

The cooperation will ensure reliability and safety (including data security) of the fuel and energy complex's facilities.

In the nearest future we will form a task group which will develop a program for scientific and technological collaboration and create roadmaps for implementation of projects.


IjPe7E8czgA.jpgElektrozavod is a Moscow-based manufacturer of transformer and reactor equipment, which supplies products for all economic branches, including electric power, metal, machine industries, transportation, oil and gas sector and housing and utilities sector. Elektrozavod's equipment is reliably operating in more than 60 countries worldwide.