Compatibility between the PROFOTECH fiber optic CT and VT and the Landis + Gyr metering device

27 December 2011

According to Profotech CJSC, the Landis + Gyr metering device and Profotech’s fiber optic current (CT) and voltage (VT) transducers are compatible. Profotech performed and successfully completed tests under the IEC 61850-9-2LE protocol.

ZMQ802C is the first Landis + Gyr metering device which supports the digital protocol required for instantaneous current and voltage transfer. To create «digital substations» it is essential to confirm compatibility between the Profotech CT and VT and the Landis + Gyr metering device. The use of this equipment allows costumer to create AIMS EPFA (Automated information and measuring systems for electric power fiscal accounting) based on fully digital devices.

During the tests, a sample digital signal was sent from the electron optical conversion unit of the CT and VT to the metering device. The readings from the metering device were traced visually on its display. Then, these readings were compared with readings taken with the Omicron SVScout software. This comparison established the close accuracy of the current and voltage values, which confirmed fully functional compatibility between the electron optical conversion unit and the metering device.

Functional compatibility tests, supporting the IEC 61850-9-2LE protocol, were previously performed between the Profotech equipment and the following devices:

  • the Ekra relay;
  • the EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya bay controller;
  • the Bresler relay;
  • the Mikronika bay controller;
  • the Prosoft Systems emergency automation device;
  • the Omicron test devices.
Profotech specialists assert that the Profotech equipment is compatible with a full range of substation secondary equipment after confirming compatibility with the Landis+Gyr metering devices. Profotech eliminated all obstacles blocking the creation of "digital substations".