RUSAL LLC installed fiber optic current transducers in Krasnoyarsk

26 December 2011

On December 23rd, 2011, Profotech CJSC successfully completed the installation of fiber optic current transducers and fulfilling its obligations under the first contract with the world’s largest aluminium producer, Rusal OJSC. The installed transducers measure direct current on the buses in the aluminium tank rooms. The measurements are used to monitor the technological parameters of the electrolytic process.

The given project is unique because the transducers measure the direct current with the strength of up to 200,000 amperes. At this amperage it is impossible to use any other type of instrument transducers.

Thus, Profotech CJSC, performed its contractual obligations for Rusal OJSC which were initiated in the summer of 2011. In the future, these two companies look forward to continuing their partnership by cooperatively installing of fiber optic transducers at a number of other facilities.