PROFOTECH is one year old

16 December 2011

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

On this festive day for ourselves we are especially glad to welcome you to our renovated website. On this same day, December 16th , one year ago, the Closed Joint-Stock Company Profotech came into existence. Sergei Sidorov, the Company’s Managing Director, monitors its development and prosperity.

Of course, one year is a grain of sand in the ocean of time, but for us, these twelve months turned out to be very intense: full of difficulties and great strides.  Never the less this year has passed very quickly. Our second December came in no time, and slowly people have begun to immerse themselves in the pre-New Year fuss.

In the coming year we have some more business to do. Our employees are flying to Krasnoyarsk to install equipment manufactured based on the technical inquiry from RUSAL OJSC. This equipment is intended to automate the aluminium production process. Now we can ease off a little and look back to summarize our achievements.

In our first short year, we managed to make a name for ourselves. We can confidently say that we have been noticed and appraised by our colleagues in the industry. We entered into a cooperative agreement with the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System OJSC. As a result, Profotech CJSC has become the key link in developing digital-substation technology for Russia’s electrical network complex.

Also, we obtained partners including EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya OJSC, Research and Production Enterprise EKRA LLC, and High Voltage Direct Current Power Transmission Research Institute OJSC. Together we modelled a digital substation with equipment operating in accordance with the IEC 61850-9-2 protocol at the “Rosnanotech” and “Electrical Networks of Russia” exhibitions this year. Next year, according to the documents signed with Setevaya Companiya OJSC, we will implement digital substation technology in Tatarstan’s the operational electrical energy facilities.

We are looking toward 2012 with great optimism and hot enthusiasm. During our second year, Profotech plans to climb to a totally new level. We will continue what we have already started as well as extend our range and increase the demand for our unique product.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for their cooperation. We appreciate fruitful and comfortable interactions while conducting business, we like the way you work. Separately, we thank our shareholders, ROSNANO OJSC and ONEXIM Group, for the support they have given us this past year. We are delighted with the professional experience in business acumen of the people from these organizations. Thank you for your sincere wish to extend a helping hand in the time of need!