PROFOTECH installed measuring complex of its own production at the substation number 301 JSC "R&D Center FGS UES"

19 April 2013

April 17th,  Profotech CJSC installed a fiber optic measuring complex of its own production at the substation 110 kW number 301 JSC "R&D Center FGS UES". A distinctive feature of this substation is the fact that it hosts a testing ground - "Digital Substation" (DSS), where the equipment is tested, as well as hardware and subsystems of digital substation; comprehensive technical solutions for substation technological process control are developed and tested.

The contract with "R&D Center FGS UES" JSC includes the following: development and coordination of design documents, dismantling of the old equipment, installation of fiber optic transducers and connecting fiber optic lines, connection of electronic conversion units to the digital equipment of secondary commutation (VC) in OPU SS number 301.

The installed fiber optic measuring complex implementing a new approach to the construction of substations was connected to the infrastructure of testing ground "Digital Substation" JSC "R&D Center FGS UES" under protocol 61850-9-2 LE.

After a series of tests for compatibility with other equipment, it is planned to begin certification tests of fiber optic transducers in accordance with the regulatory documents of "R&D Center FGS UES" JSC.

As a result of the modernization of SS 110 kW number 301, there is the opportunity to move to a new measurement level, to study all advantages from the use of digital technologies, such as: increased measurement accuracy, increased security, reduced operating costs, increased observability of an object.

Fiber optic current and voltage transducers manufactured by "Profotech" have unique high accuracy measurements, a wide operating temperature range, provide unified measurement for all data collectors, and data output on the digital interface in accordance with the international standard IEC 61850-9-2 LE, also allow you to connect an unlimited number of users of measurement information. FOC/VS have no defects of traditional transformers, and thanks to its compact size and weight - greatly simplify installation. 

Integration of Profotech solutions into the structure of the energy facility is parallel to the work of the existing equipment. The complex is connected via standard interfaces to the existing telemetry and measurement systems without disturbing their work.

According to the statement of specialists of Profotech, such projects can accelerate the integration of power industry facilities to modern digital standards, and they are a catalyst for the development of active-adaptive (smart) grids in Russia.