PROFOTECH installed a measuring complex of its own production at substation 220/110 kV “Magistralnaya” JSC “Electric Distribution Company”

14 June 2013

On 14 June “Profotech” installed a measuring complex of its own production at substation 220 kV “Magistralnaya” of Kazan Electric Mains.

Substation 220 kV “Magistralnaya” is one of strategic objects, which are going to supply electricity to Universiada-2013 objects, as well as central districts of Kazan city.

The following 5 companies took part in the project “Digital automated electric power audit system” (DAEPAS) Substation 220 kV “Magistralnaya” JSC “Electric Distribution Company”: CJSC “Profotech”, “RVS” Ltd., CJSC ETF “Systems and technologies”, “CED-Automation” Ltd., and “Prosoft-Systems” Ltd.

“RVS” Ltd. worked in a capacity of the general contractor responsible for the general work management. “Profotech” supplied with the main (optic current and voltage transformers) and supplementary equipment for the project; it also carried out installation supervision and commissioning activities together with the specialists from “RVS” Ltd., CJSC ETF “Systems and technologies”, “CED-Automation” Ltd., and “Prosoft-Systems” Ltd., as well as methodological support for the project.

Pilot implementation of fiber-optic current and voltage transformers project was initiated within the frames of the General Agreement about Partnership and Strategic Cooperation between CJSC “Profotech” and JSC “Electric Distribution Company”.

Within this project the companies developed and coordinated project documentation, carried out testing and metrology maintenance for the installed equipment at FSUE “ARSRIMS”, dismantled old equipment, and installed fiber-optic transformers, connective fiber-optic lines, and data acquisition and processing cabinets.

Fiber-optic measuring transformers made by CJSC “Profotech” are intended for high-accuracy measuring of instant values of current, voltage, and phase characteristics, producing measured values to a digital interface to be used by secondary equipment, such as commercial accounting meters, telemetry devices, electrical power quality control, relay protection and automation. Fiber-optic current and voltage sensors developed by “Profotech” Company are an innovative solution and provide fully digital measurements with currently lowest possible error percentage. FOCTs are devoid of faults of traditional converters, and thanks to compact size and weight they considerably simplify the assembly procedure.

Fiber-optic transformers and complex measuring set work on the basis of unified digital bus-bar of IEC 61850-9-2 Standard. The complex set has ports to transfer data in IEC 61850 Standard. Different secondary devices supporting IEC 61850 Standard can be connected to this port.

Implementation of solutions of CJSC “Profotech” into the structure of the power facility was carried out simultaneously with the operation of already existing equipment. The complex is connected through standard interfaces to already existing measurement and telemetry systems in the facilities, not disrupting their work.

As a result of modernization Substation 220 kV “Magistralnaya” can now move to a new level of quality measurements, provide safety and monitoring improvements on the facilities, as well as decrease maintenance expenses.



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