Are PROFOTECH transformers with digital interface, conforming to IEC 61850-9-2 LE standard, included in the National register of metering devices? What accuracy class do they have?

Fiber optical current transformers with digital interface are included in the National register of metering devices as instrument transformers according to GOST IEC 60044-8/7. Their registration data are the following.

  • Certificate of type approval of metering devices RU.C.34541.А № 62214.
  • Term of validity of the Certificate: until 12.05.2021.
  • Official name according to the Certificate: "Electronic Fiber Optical Current Transformer EFOCT with digital output".
  • EFOCT with digital output accuracy class included in the National register:
  1. for alternating current: 0,1; 0,2S; 0,5S; 1,0; 5P; 5TPE;
  2. for direct current: ±0,1; ±0,2; ±0,5; ±1,0.