Are PROFOTECH devices compatible with secondary equipment of other manufacturers?

Integration of the transformer's electronic unit doesn't cause any problems because it uses IEC 61850 data exchange standard, which implements one of the key advantages of the digital concept – interoperability. All digital equipment from different manufacturers, which supports the IEC standard, is interchangeable.

PROFOTECH devices can be integrated with secondary digital equipment (relay protection and automation, ECA, etc.) directly or using switching equipment, depending on the substation's structure, number of "users" of initial data and particular tasks. PROFOTECH carried out various tests for the compatibility of our own devices with secondary equipment (relay protection and automation) of other manufacturers (Siemens, SEL, ABB, Nari, EFACEC, EKRA, Relematika, etc.). Metrological accuracy of this method (one data source and many consumer devices) is much higher than while using traditional solutions (connected by the point-to-point principle, which doesn't ensure the uniformity of measurements, because in the classical case one source is being digitalized by several devices with different fault levels). Loss amount during digitalization is much less than in analog circuits.