PROFOTECH in the 5-th India Smart Grid Summit

29 April 2013

Specialists of "Profotech" took part in the 5-th India Smart Grid Summit, held in April 25th-26th, in Delhi, India.

This is the largest event in the field of Smart Grid in Asia brought together leading experts of India and China as well as Europe and America. The key issues to build intelligent networks, standardization, transmission and distribution of electricity, "smart" measurements, etc. were discussed within the communication platform of the summit.

The speaker of "Profotech" has submitted a report "Fiber Optic Converters as a Basis for Building Smart Grid" on 5-th India Smart Grid Summit. The report aroused a keen interest in technical solutions of "Profotech" CJSC. As a result, a series of meetings with the heads of the generating and distribution companies were organized.