Safety and ecology

Social and environmental safety

Occupational safety, providing of industrial and ecological safety are Profotech's undeniable priority. It is determined not only by the strict regulations of government authorities but, in the first place, by the company and its administration's awareness of the responsibility before the society.

Profotech takes a stand on environmental preservation, esteeming rational natural resource management as an important part of corporate social responsibility and the key factor of sustainable development.

We are responsible for the safety of our manufacturing activity. Safety ensuring must guarantee the protection of personnel and preservation of the natural environment. According to this concept Profotech works in the following areas of activity.

  • Health, safety and environment.

Strict compliance with the rules and standards for industrial and ecological safety, based on the analysis and evaluation of risks, aimed at the accident prevention and improvement of working conditions.

  • Ecological safety of the manufacturing complex.

Includes rational natural resource management and minimization of industrial activity's negative impact on the ecology.

Profotech's strategy regarding health, safety and environment

Profotech has adopted a strategy regarding health, safety and environment. It is a part of the united program of the company's strategic development. It captures the following principles of the corporate strategy in this area.

  • Ensuring safety for all personnel.
  • Compliance with the main requirements and policy directions in the area of health, safety and environment.
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of health, safety and environment.
  • Information publicity and accessibility.
  • Motivating the personnel to participate in implementation of the health, safety and environment management system. Recognition for active participation.
  • Continuous contribution to the improvement of functioning of the health, safety and environment management system.

Profotech's social responsibility standards in the field of occupational and ecological safety

For the purpose of occupational and ecological safety provision Profotech takes up the following obligations.

  • Carrying out the industrial activity in compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Reducing the level of impact on the environment for all types of activity, industrial processes and products, based on the use of the best existing technologies and principles of pollution prevention.
  • Rational use of natural resources, both used in production and located in Profotech's activity regions. Adoption of resource-saving and energy efficient technologies. Use of alternative energy sources.
  • Improving the efficiency of industrial ecology monitoring.
  • Continuous improvement of the health, safety and environment management system, based on the experience of the world's best practice.